Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Starting to feel at home...

Slowly but surely, our apartment is feeling more homey. Granted, we still have boxes and suitcases full of stuff, but we've been busy busy busy!

I got most of the kitchen unpacked on Monday, as a week of eating out is hard on the wallet, especially when we've already been spending so much just on household stuff. There have been many a trip to Ikea, Walmart, Bed Bath, and Beyond, and Target, which all adds up. After clearing out Holly's storage unit into the apartment we finally have silverware  yay! I've been making use of the fact that we have a dishwasher, which was a requirement for me this time around apartment wise (not having a dishwasher is serious business, people). Between my ICE (in case of emergency) food and Holly's storage unit food, we have a ton of canned food, which is a reminder that I need to create an Emergency Preparedness Kit for the new place. I kept saying I would get around to it at the old apartment and never did, beyond always having a bunch of bottled water around.

Holly cleared out all the empty boxes from the living room yesterday and it looks like a living room now, YAY! We've got our side tables and lamps up as well as our flowers, now we just need to hang the painting! The entire living room is being designed around this painting:

The Lights by Alice X. Zhang

Which I have been wanting for what feels like ages now, and with my apartment savings got in the largest available size on canvas. Works out nicely, as it's an interpretation of a scene from Tangled which Holly loves, so we both adore the painting. I'm really happy with it, if you haven't heard of society6, check it out, it's filled with wonderful artwork that you can't pick up in any brick and mortar store and the money goes to the artists. Alice is one of my favorite artists on there, I just want all of her work!

We haven't put together any of the furniture yet, so we haven't completely unpacked. It's not quite ready for pictures to show off, but it's now feeling more like home, which is a great feeling.

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