Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day - My Three-Way date, be jealous!

I can't believe it's already February 14th, how'd that happen!? Time files! I have a lot of great memories from childhood of Valentine's day, which is what the holiday most brings to mind, to be honest.

My plans consist of having a three-way date with Holly and this fine gentleman:

Holly's schedule got bumped, I originally was going to go to the special event at LACMA, but we have decided to spend the holiday drinking Moscato, enjoying the always entertaining Mr. Bond, and hanging up curtains (I'm getting desperate for them).

As our lovely special treat (well besides the Moscato, which to be honest is the only wine I have a true appreciation for), I will be baking these:

I'm going to tinker with the receipe (food dye for red cupcakes or heart sprinkles) a bit to make them on theme. Of course once I decided this I realized I don't own any muffin/cupcake tins and apparently Holly doesn't either! These are kind of a necessity in general because MUFFINS okay, so I'll pick them up along with a whisk (we have no real idea what we do and don't have kitchen wise really yet).

As for love, well, right now it's all about me loving myself. I had my first Weight Watchers meeting last night and signed up for an extension course at ULCA for the spring. All steps towards me being a happy healthier version of myself. And hey, each cupcake is only 2 WW points! SCORE!


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