Monday, April 1, 2013

Do More Things: Passover, fish tacos, Westeros, and sleep

I still have to get my post up for Hawaii, I had a blast, though I came home sunburnt (the curse of being casper white). However, I've been keeping up with my Do More Things lists since arriving home, go me! I don't have any real pictures from the past week, so this is a short post. I need to start getting in the habit of taking pictures of things (even if it's just food, FFS, seeing as I feel like my whole week was food oriented).

Monday Night - Headed back to the airport to drop Holly off, then booked it back to meet my aunt, uncle and cousins for the seder at their house. First time I've ever liked brussel sprouts! And the best Passover desert I've ever had, which I must get the recipe for. I need to spend more time with the fam, they are only 8 minutes away now!

Tuesday Night - I tried to assuage my Jew guilt by going to a second night seder at the temple. Only I'm cheap, so I didn't go to the more expensive adult only seder, I went to the family seder. Which did nothing for my Jew guilt. (I feel like people understand what I mean when I say Jew guilt right? I can't be the only person that uses this phrase, people talk about Catholic guilt all the time). The actual story was like 5 minutes long and yeah it's for kids, but there's such a thing as sanitizing the story too much. Anyways, waste of my money, but people were nice, which is always good, and the food was good. Matzo ball soup is always a plus, the chicken was delish and there was a really good flourless chocolate cake. Are you starting to sense a theme for my week?

Thursday Night - GrubwithUs dinner, only my second time going. I totally recommend checking it out if it's available in your area, it's a great way to try out new places and meet new people. Plus, if you are like me and have a hard time in situations where you don't know people, having food and a topic to focus on can take the edge off of the social anxiety. The topic was Game of Thrones, which was the reason I did this one, but we really only talked about the show for 10 minutes, the discussed somehow turned around how to scam people on Kickstarter, but I had a good time.

We ate at James' Beach in Venice. If you are ever in Venice and craving tacos, this place is yummy. Make sure you look up, they've got hanging lamps made out of boardshorts that my fellow grubwithus diners had never noticed before, even though they'd been there quite a few times. They are apparently famous for their mahi mahi tacos, which despite me not being a huge fan of fish tacos, were really good. Also, their iced tea is really good if you aren't going to drink anything alcoholic (I was keeping kosher for passover, so I didn't drink anything). Also, their tacos aren't served on the tortillas, so it's alternative eating friendly. If you are into the whole "what film was that place in" this one was apparently the taco place in I Love You, Man (I never ended up seeing that whole movie so I don't really care). I don't know that I'd go so far out of my way for this place on any sort of regular basis, especially given the prices, but it was good.

Sometimes you just need a BREAK, you know? After Hawaii and a busy week back, I needed down time. So this weekend was sleep and TV for me. Season premieres of Doctor Who and Game of Thrones and lots of Zzzzzs. I NEEDED IT.

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