Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I am on top of everything... except packing, it's always the packing....

I hate packing. I'm pretty sure that this is a fairly universal feeling, but I do know the occasional outlier that doesn't in fact mind packing at all. They need to be at my beck and call, clearly.

I feel like maybe I'm worse than others though. Sometime about packing turns me into an useless creature. I just sit there staring at things for large periods of time bemoaning my existence. I usually need help, in the form of getting my ass moving and keeping it moving on the packing front.

I am T-minus 4 days until the move and I'm... half packed? Maybe? I don't even know. The books and dvds are packed at least. And some sweaters were shoved in a box with some purses. And this was accomplished because I had help.

This is not a thing in my life that is strictly limited to packing, but I am the kind of person who is better motivated by CRUNCH TIME, or the last 12 hours you have before you NEED something done or face consequences. These are my golden hours, I can do almost anything in these hours. The problem is that I carry around the stress of the task sometimes for weeks ahead of time while putting it off.

As for crunch time, last Friday I printed out a "before your move" checklist with a timeline that started 2 months before the move, which caused me to laugh somewhat hysterically, considering I had a week. This checklist was clearly not written for apartments in the first place, because you never have that kind of time warning for an apartment move in. But I've gotten everything taken care of anyways, aside from the packing - got it set up with the DWP, SoCal Gas, renter's insurance, movers, and internet.

So... all that's left is the packing. Yay?!

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